S.M. Gauge Company Ltd.

S.M. Gauge Company Ltd. is a leading UK supplier of hand pumps. We stock a range of pneumatic hand pumps, hydraulic hand pumps and other related products. Our hand pump kits come with a high accuracy digital gauge certified to traceable or UKAS standards.

We also offer customised hand pump products to suit individual customer requirements. We offer a repair and calibration service at our Bristol laboratory or on site.

As well as hand pumps, our most popular products include pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges and vacuum gauges. We run 10 websites specialising in individual gauge products and services. Our main site is http://www.pressuregauge.co.uk

Our experienced staff and well equipped laboratory are covered by our quality system, registered to BS EN ISO 9001 and our UKAS laboratory is accredited to BS EN ISO-IEC 17025:2017, covering a wide range of pressure and vacuum instrumentation.