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Handheld calibration handpumps can be used on a wide range of applications including testing pressure transmitters, pressure/vacuum gauges and more bespoke jobs such as testing commercial coffee machines.

View our range of portable multi-purpose calibration handpumps.

We supply both pneumatic and hydraulic handpumps covering various pressure and vacuum ranges.

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Pneumatic models covering both 25 and 40 bar
Hydraulic model and low pressure taylor puffer pumps.

NEW! - Professional quality pneumatic portable calibration handpump - 25 and 40 bar versions.

Excellent value - from just £338 (+VAT)

Ideally suited to any portable or static calibration requirement, simple to use and accurate.

SMP40 Product Information and Datasheets

Comprehensive range of calibration equipment including master gauges, comparison bench testers and more.
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